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Key Concept Classifications
Air pressure (3)
Albedo (1)
Altitude (1)
Atmosphere (37)
Auroras (7)
Climate change (50)
Clouds (11)
Condensation (3)
Conduction (2)
Convection (5)
Coriolis force / effect (2)
Currents (5)
Cyclones (2)
Dew point (2)
Droughts (5)
Fog (3)
Hail (1)
Heat (2)
Humidity (1)
Hurricanes (17)
Lightning (6)
Mesosphere (1)
Pollution (2)
Precipitation (8)
Radiation (6)
Rain (16)
Rainbows (2)
Remote sensing (3)
Seasons (7)
Snow (7)
Solar energy (40)
Temperature (15)
Thunder (2)
Tornadoes (8)
Water cycle (9)
Water vapor (4)
Wind (18)



In this lesson, students make daily observations of temperature, sky conditions, wind speed and direction, and precipitation type and amount, and record their observations in a log book. They will also compare their...
Under the banner of "A clear voice for science", the radio program "Earth & Sky" has been on the air since 1991. On this site, visitors can listen to the program, which has answered such questions as "How slow does the...
This site, hosted by The University of Illinois, is devoted to explaining evaporation. The website uses a colorful image to aid explanation. These image, along with text, makes the site accessible for all audiences.
The Exploratorium is a world-renowned exhibit facility and provides a plethora of resources for teachers, the public, and the Earth science education community. One of the first science museums to go online, The...
This exercise, from the Environmental Science Activities for the 21st Century Project, is designed to introduce students to the idea that human activities can alter the chemistry or gaseous composition of the atmosphere,...
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